Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why You Need Your Ex Back -- Real World Tips to Win Back Your Ex

The end of a relationship can be very painful for both the partners involved. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence and most people will experience at least one breakup during the course of their lives. In some cases, the split may not be mutual and one member of the couple will want a reconciliation. The following paragraphs offer a how to get your ex back guide.

Get Your Ex Back 
Before trying to reconcile with your ex partner, ask yourself why you want them back. You need to be absolutely clear in your own mind that this is what you really want before pursuing them.

After the breakup, do not be tempted to continually text and ring your ex. Do not suddenly appear in places you know they will be. Give that person the opportunity to miss you, and your company. This will give you time to consider what went wrong with the relationship.

Did you take that person for granted, or did they take you for granted. Did you ignore their complaints about the relationship, or, did they ignore yours. If the relationship were to be rekindled, how would you change, how would you want them to change.

Try also to remember why that person first felt attracted to you, what they loved about you. Also ask yourself what you loved about them, what attracted you to them. When you have the answers to these questions, particularly, the ones about how you felt, where you might have gone wrong, it is time to arrange a meeting. Or, write a letter.

If writing a letter, highlight the areas in the relationship which you think you could have handled better, show that you have learnt from mistakes. Do not try to second guess your ex, ask them their opinion. Make the letter a two way process of communication, which they can respond to. If you meet with them, try to convey what you would have put in the letter.

Using a how to get your ex back guide may involve asking some probing questions of yourself. The ability to communicate well and unpick relationship problems is paramount.

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