Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Amazing VIDEO: Charlie Bit Harry's Finger and Earned £100,000 for Their Father - Howard Davies-Carr

Harry and Charlie
LONDON (Nov. 15) – No one on this planet, who knows ABC of internet, will be unaware of YouTube – the leading video sharing website.

According to media reports; a 56-seconds video uploaded by a British family has recently earned whopping £100,000 pound sterling. It seems unbelievable but it’s true. YouTube often divides, among the users, the income generated from advertising running alongside videos.

An in this case; the 42-year-old Howard Davies-Carr received 100,000 GBP who uploaded a video – Charlie bit my finger again! - of his two kids, Charlie and Harry. The video has been viewed by more that 387 million times since it was uploaded four year back.

Watch the video below and enjoy!

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