Friday, May 11, 2012

Pam Shaw, oldest living virgin, looking for a perfect match

One of the world's oldest walking virgins is finally ready to give love and sex a shot. The 70-year-old British virgin lady is looking to have her match at last. 

Pam Shaw, oldest living virgin, looking for perfect match
Pam Shaw has waited seven decades to find the right man but it just hasn’t happened. Now she decided to speed up her efforts in order to find the right match, but still she isn’t ready to compromise with her standards set for her to-be husband.

“Now’s the time. I’m ready to take the plunge for the right bloke. My standards are still very high, though," Pam said in an interview. "I’m hoping to bag a tall, dark and handsome millionaire.”

Shaw said that she never wanted to have pre-marriage sex and she has always been too focused on her career as a cabaret dancer to find a suitable husband. But it never happened until now. 

Shaw is now ready to find the right man and finally get married.

“I feel I am ready to give marriage a go and maybe go to bed with a man. You are never too old for anything. Just look at Joan Collins," says Pam.


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