Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sindhi Topi: Cultural Symbol of Rich Heritage - Sindh to Observe 2nd Sindhi Topi Day on December 4

Sindh Province is very rich in terms of heritage, culture and distinctive traditions. Sindhi Topi (cap) and Ajrak are the indispensable part of this culture and traditions. People of Sindh love to use Sindhi Topi (cap) and Ajrak as a part of their daily dress. It is usually offered to guests, along with a traditional Sindhi Ajrak, as a token of respect.

Last year people of Sindh observed the first ever Sindhi Topi (cap) Day on December 6. The call to celebrate the day was responded enthusiastically and people showed their love to their culture and tradition; especially Sindhi Topi (cap). 

Sindhi Topi Day - December 6, 2010
 In 2010, it is decided to observe the Sindhi Topi (cap) day on December 4. It is now being regarded as the Culture Day. As the December 4 is approaching; arrangement are being finalized to observe the 2nd Sindhi Topi (cap) Day. It is announced that seminars and symposiums will be organized and rallies will be taken out with Sindhi Topi (cap) and Ajrak on.

On this culture Day; Sindhi Topi (cap) and Ajrak will be distributed among common people to highlight the significance of Sindhi culture and to make this day memorable.

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